Acacia Theatre Company

Acacia’s tentative plan for reopening

Thank you. Because of your generosity, Acacia is still here; a tree planted in the wilderness, for people to consider and understand what the power of the Lord has done.

At Acacia, we have called upon that power repeatedly since March of 2020, amongst confusion, anger and grief. Much has been lost in the last year, but nothing so valuable as human life. We mourn that loss. The pandemic is still in process, with continuing repercussions – some we have already seen, some remain to be seen – and we honor the lives lost and truths learned. We find our strength in the joy of the Lord, and hope in His gift of vaccination that is equipping people to safely reunite.

As a staff, we have talked a lot about reopening. The conversations will be ongoing, but at the moment, we are prepared to outline some tentative plans:

— We aspire to complete our unfinished season (as previously announced), including An Inspector Calls and Sense and Sensibility. Because Inspector was cast, rehearsed and partially performed, completing its run is dependent on the actors’ availability, which is being determined. Sense and Sensibility is slated for 2022.

— We aim to present a production in the fall of this year, likely sometime in October and November. This could be Inspector or another show with a smaller cast.

— Our fall reopening protocol (reduced capacity, distancing, masking, etc.) will be dictated by how the summer proceeds, in terms of vaccinations and COVID case numbers.

That’s what we have to share for now. If you have other questions, you are welcome to ask them; we will try to answer. May God bless your summer with fellowship and sunshine.

Don’t forget we have a YouTube channel now! Click here to watch the latest installments in our video series.

The staff and board of Acacia Theatre Company

June 2021