All remaining performances of An Inspector Calls are suspended. Read the announcement.

Acacia Theatre Company

Performances Temporarily Suspended

We’re sure you’ve been monitoring the coronavirus in one way or another – and inundated with communication from various companies – but as of today, local and national government have made strong statements about the situation.*

An Inspector Calls itself talks about being responsible for one another and caring for the most vulnerable among us. Yes, people are responsible for their choices, but if we can encourage them towards safety, we are compelled to do that.

The Bible reminds us that “God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7. For Acacia, that means not being afraid of lost income and exposure, but loving the people who participate in our ministry and listening to the sensible guidance of informed organizations.

It’s tempting to think, there is such a small percentage of cases nationwide, we are overreacting, but those are only the documented cases, and testing is not widely and easily available. Additionally, if we do not react now, the disease could spread rapidly and overwhelm the healthcare system, which has already happened in other places. Also, members of our cast and production staff are in the at-risk categories for infection, and of course, the older demographic that is the base of our audience. Considering all of this, we are convinced the remaining performances of An Inspector Calls must be suspended.

We are receptive to reopening An Inspector Calls for a weekend or two, should there be actual evidence the pandemic is under control and cases are decreasing – especially as we have a long break until our next show in July, and we are a priority to the Norvell Commons in terms of scheduling. If we were able to reopen, anyone who purchased for a remaining performance would be given seats.

REFUNDS: we would prefer to revisit this subject when it’s clear that we won’t be reopening the show. If you are in a difficult financial position, please contact us immediately for a refund and we will do our best to issue it quickly. We are also happy to issue a receipt, if you would like to donate your ticket purchase. Or the same number of tickets for our summer production, Sense and Sensibility. We will pay our cast and production staff for An Inspector Calls. Please remember that Acacia depends entirely on God, through the support of its donors, patrons and volunteers and prayers.

Thank you and God bless,
Acacia Theatre Company staff and board