Acacia Theatre Company


ACACIA THEATRE COMPANY ​will be holding auditions for its July production of Quality Street by J.M. Barrie, on Saturday, January 27 (10-2). Cast: 8 Women and 6 Men (ages 12-75) of any racial/ethnic background. Director: Erin Nicole Eggers. Readings will be from the script. Auditions will be held by appointment only at Church in the City, 2658 N. Hackett Ave. Performances (July 13-22) are at Concordia University. To make an appointment: (414) 744-5995 or

Additional info:

Director: Erin Nicole Eggers

Acacia’s adaptation of Quality Street is available through the office (phone number and email above).

Callbacks will be Sunday, January 28 (3-6). Callbacks may be at an alternate location.

(If unable to attend, please still come to initial audition)

Please arrive 10 minutes early in order to fill out necessary forms. If you cancel at the last moment, please leave a message at 744-5995. Messages will be checked.

Rehearsals and auditions are at Church in the City. For directions to Church in the City, go to:

The director is committed to diversity in casting.

No dialect is required at initial auditions. It may be used in callbacks, at the actor’s discretion, but an inability to do dialect will not preclude casting.

All roles are available EXCEPT Stephen.

About the Play:

From the author of Peter Pan comes an enchanting tale with both wit and wisdom. In her youth, “Phoebe of the ringlets” imagines marrying Valentine Brown, but he leaves to fight in the Napoleonic Wars. Ten years pass and the wars have taken their toll on the country and our characters. Valentine is shocked at the sight of Phoebe – older, tired and overworked – which she interprets as rejection. Through a comical series of misunderstandings involving misdirection and meddling friends, Phoebe finds herself impersonating a younger and invented relative, Livvy, to have her revenge. Will her ruse end in heartache for them all, or will our characters discover who they truly are?

Characters (all ages are approximate and refer to the character not the actor):

Phoebe Throssel (and Ms. Livvy): The play’s protagonist. Phoebe is in love with Valentine Brown and disguises herself as her younger flake and flirt of a niece in retaliation to his perceived rejection. Female, 25-45.

Stephen Throssel: Phoebe’s loyal and shy brother. Male, 30-45. (This role is cast.)

Valentine Brown: A proud military man and the love interest of Ms. Phoebe. Male, 25-45

Ms. Willoughby: Comically meddling friend of Phoebe and Stephen, unmarried. Female, 30-75

Fanny: Sister to Ms. Willoughby, comically meddling friend of Phoebe and Stephen, unmarried. Female, 30-75

Ms. Henrietta Turnbull: Comically meddling friend of Phoebe and Stephen, fancies herself the height of high fashion, unmarried. Female, 30-75

Patty: Maid to Phoebe and Stephen, brash and assertive. Female, 18-75

Ensign Blades: Former student of Ms. Phoebe. Male, 18-35

Charlotte: Haughty former student of Ms. Phoebe. Female, 18-35

Harriet/Ensemble: Female, 20-60

Recruiting Sergeant/Old Soldier/Ensemble: Male, 25-55

Lieutenant Spicer/A Gallant/Ensemble: Male, 25-55

Student William/Ensemble: Younger male

Ensemble, multiple: Various