Acacia Theatre Company


As we rebuild from the chaotic events of the last few years, we see now, more than ever, the need to remove barriers to the performing arts. Since reopening in the fall of 2021, we have offered all of our tickets as Pay-What-You-Can.
As of last season, Acacia is thrilled to announce that we are the first theater company in Milwaukee to move to a completely Pay-What-You-Can model for all ticket sales!

What Does Pay-What-You-Can Mean?
Just what it says. We don’t decide what our tickets cost; you do. You give us the amount of money you think is fair (either to you or to us), and we let you in. Simple, right?

“What Should I Pay?”
Well, whatever you can. But if you need guidelines, here’s what we ask you to consider:

“What Am I Accustomed To Paying?”
Most small Milwaukee-area companies charge between $15 and $30 a ticket. We’d appreciate if you can land in that range, with a suggested price of $20 per ticket. If you typically get senior or student discounts, feel free to adjust accordingly.

“What Am I Willing To Pay?”
We understand that we are small, non-profit theatre company. If you want to take us out for a test drive, pay a modest amount for your ticket — you can always pay extra as you leave!

“What Am I Able To Pay?”
Maybe you’re a student on a tight budget, or a senior on a fixed income. Maybe you’re going through some tough times. We get it. Arts and culture are frequently the first items in the budget to be cut when facing tough economic choices, especially when tickets to larger productions can cost over $100. We want to make it possible for you to see live theatre regardless of your situation. If you have $20, that’s great, but if you have $5, that’s fine too; we will never turn you away.

Please Bear In Mind…
Although we try to keep our production costs as low as possible, between space rental, performance royalties, cast and crew stipends, prop/costume/set expenses, publicity material, etc., even small-scale theatre is an expensive venture. While we seek individual donations, grant support and corporate sponsorship to help underwrite our shows, we also ask that you do your part through your ticket purchase, to the extent of your ability.

“What About Season Subscriptions?”
Have no fear!
Season subscriptions will still be available for purchase with a suggested subscription price of $45 for all 3 shows ($42 for seniors), but remember, it is Pay-What-You-Can! For season subscription purchases, you can call the office at 414-744-5995 or go to, and we will get you the best seats for the season.