Acacia Theatre Company

FISH EYES is a catch with reviewers and audiences

“[The play features] exquisitely timed comic exchanges between two actors who have great chemistry…A fiddling Therese Goode helps reel us in, with well-chosen Celtic numbers that are alternately jaunty and plaintive. Dan Hummel’s effective lighting and set design is dominated by dramatically hanging clusters of fabric, frequently lighted as a blue sea — deep as the mysteries this play explores with humor, pathos and amazing grace…Such a journey squares nicely with Acacia’s status as an interdenominational Christian theater company, but Fish Eyes isn’t just preaching to the converted.”

– Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. To read more, click here.

“A modernized setting gives the two-man production the feeling of two bros going up to northern Wisconsin to catch a cooler full of walleyes…Fun comes not only from their being flummoxed by their Lord, but also other references to and differing translations of holy writ…More serious episodes, especially Peter’s trio of denials of knowing Christ and tearful repentance, effectively contrast the prevalent lightness of mood. Therese Goode’s original Celtic-informed fiddle score, performed on stage, complements the action with deft sympathy.”

– Jaime Rake, Shepherd Express. To read more, click here.

“A delightful recounting of two fishermen’s halting decision to follow this amazing man called Jesus…David Sapiro and Matt Koester are both master actors, and they capture our interest immediately with their brotherly sparring, their befuddlement, and their earthiness…I can’t recommend this show more strongly than to say – SEE IT. YOU WILL LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.”

– Julie McHale, GMToday. To read more, click here.