Acacia Theatre Company

Shepherd Express: “Real emotion” and “comic relief” in Acacia’s Endurance of Light

“Tackled head on with real emotion tempered by comic relief, well-directed by Erin Nicole Eggers…The ideas of science and religion collide in this at times absurdist fantasy, which works exceedingly well due in large part to the well-cast ensemble of actors…Shannon Nettesheim Klein has the challenging role of Sophie, spending most of her time sitting in an oversized, upraised bed. Rarely moving, [Nettesheim Klein] skillfully peels back the layers of this controlled woman of science who must learn to understand that life is not always quantifiable with answers found in books. She is a perfect counterpart to the emotional Michael, played to extraordinary effect by David Sapiro…Andrés Garuz totally inhabits the role of Einstein, getting the genius’ ideas across while providing much of the production’s humor…Elaine Wyler as von Bingen in one of her best roles to date…Bryant Mason is a steady presence as Shackleton, who in many ways anchors the production…” – Harry Cherkinian, Shepherd Express. Read the full review here.