Acacia Theatre Company

Shepherd Express: Sense & Sensibility has “intimate charm” and “so much fun”

Sense and Sensibility works due in large part to a very solid acting ensemble and the intimate charm director Erin Nicole Eggers brings to the story of the Dashwood family in England in the late 18th Century…It is so much fun to watch the shrewish Fanny (a great performance by Alicia Rice) connive and scheme while hiding behind the facade of the genteel upper classes. Ditto her well-meaning but bumbling husband John (Mark Neufang) and the Dashwood sisters, the practical Elinor (Brittany F. Byrnes) and emotional Marianne (Bekah Rose). Taking on challenging dual roles of brothers, Ben Yela showcases his full range as an actor…While love eventually finds its way in Sense and Sensibility, it takes plenty of twists and turns in the journey to get there. But then, it’s more about the journey than the destination itself, which makes love’s eventual arrival that much much enjoyable to watch— and welcome.” – Harry Cherkinian, Shepherd Express